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Drawing on a Board

A community designed to engage, equip and encourage entrepreneurs. 

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The Problem

Work isolation of entrepreneurs. 

The Problem

The Solution

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Oftentimes, entrepreneurs walk their journey alone, leading to frustration, lack of creativity and burn out. 

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We created a space for entrepreneurs to connect for accountability, encouragement, and development

How do we help?




Entrepre-doers™ is a framework providing opportunities for engagement, equipping, and encouragement within the entrepreneurial community. 

The first meeting of the month is designed to educate and equip. Presentations focus on different topics relating to business and entrepreneurship, followed by a candid round-table discussion for specific applications for various businesses.

The second meeting of the month is for encouragement and accountability. Entrepreneurs bounce ideas off of each other and challenge one another to creatively solve problems. Humility, commitment and authenticity are requirements.  This group will be developed organically with the understanding that they may split into smaller groups as Entrepre-doers grows.

If you want to be challenged, answer tough questions, and be authentic - this group is for you.

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